Why Landing Pages are a Must for your Website

Once you’ve built up a brand for your business and a have a website in place to represent it, you’ll want to make sure that all that hard work pays off by generating new leads that convert into sales. This is where landing pages can act as a vital asset in your online marketing toolkit.

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The term ‘landing page’ means a webpage specifically designed as an entry point to your site and is designed to communicate a certain set of services or trigger an action.

One of the main goals of a landing page is to inform and showcase detailed information about your offering with a view to encourage them to take action. In most cases this is to click a specific link or button, make contact, subscribe to your blog, a newsletter or download some useful assets.

Direct your visitor to take action; don't allow them to wander around your website aimlessly unable to find what they’re looking for.
The difference between a landing page and your home page is quite distinct. A home page is usually set out with a more general purpose in mind, where as a landing page is more goal orientated, giving the visitor specific information to help solve their problem or educate them. A landing page will always yield better results than a homepage.

Here at Wider, using our platform of choice WordPress, we code powerful page building features into every one of our websites so our clients can take control and easily create and maintain engaging landing pages.

Research indicates that 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages for lead generation to convert to future sales

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a landing page and how it can yield better results for your business:

Focused & concise content

Every piece of information on your landing page should reinforce the main goal of that page. The content should be focused and concise around the offer, service or product which will ensure visitors aren’t distracted or feeling overwhelmed during their visit. Sometimes less is more.

Tailored message

If your business has more than one type of buyer, you’ll understand the importance of segmentation. With a landing page you can tailor your message to different audiences depending on what they are searching for and ensure you address their requirements.

Remove barriers

It’s tempting to add as much information as you can to your homepage to ensure visitors can find what they are looking for. Whilst this is not necessarily harmful to your website, it can have a knock on effect to your landing page. A good landing page limits the number of decisions a visitor can make, guiding them down the marketing funnel and making it as easy as possible for them.

Clear call to actions (CTA)

Whether your desired outcome for the visitor is to make a purchase, download content or get in touch, clear call to actions (CTA) are crucial to help you influence the visitor’s decision to take action. Ensure they are easy to locate on the page, obvious to understand and engaging.

Improve SEO

Can you remember the last time you visited the second page of Google? No, neither can we! The more landing pages on your website, the better chance you’ll have of ranking higher on search engines. When you rank higher, you’ll convert higher. Research indicates that the top 5 search results account for over 50% of click throughs, whereas results 6-10 on page 1 of Google account for less than 5% of clicks. Quite astonishing results but it pays to bear this in mind. Focused, well-written content will always index better and appeal to Google and other search engines.

Data collection

By linking your landing page to a specific offer, piece of content or action, it will allow you to see where the leads are coming from. This helps you better understand which landing pages are working and which are not. Tracking visitor behaviour is one of the best practices for landing pages, they can produce really valuable insights which will help you refine your knowledge of the visitor so you can improve and finesse landing page content in the future. If your landing page uses forms, this is also a great way to collect valuable data and learn about your visitor.

Want to generate more leads and be more visible on Google?
As our world becomes ever more digitally connected, a digital marketing campaign can be one of the best investments that you make for your business and landing pages are a vital tool of any digital marketing strategy to generate more leads, rank higher in search engines and get more leads and conversions. It’s something every business should be prioritising on their website – and monitoring and refining as time goes on.

Any well designed website that runs off a Content Management System should offer you the ability to create new pages. However here at Wider we take this to a whole different level – with our advanced skills in WordPress we create sophisticated, bespoke publishing systems on-top of WordPress that allow our clients to create extremely engaging and unique landing pages.

Want to find out how your website can generate more leads and be more visible on Google with engaging and design-led landing pages? Get in-touch to talk to our friendly team, we’d love to talk over how we could make your website more effective.

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