A new branding and logo design will keep your business innovative, your team enthusiastic and your audience engaged.


Rebranding can inject new energy into your business, product, service and marketing, build enthusiasm and display confidence.

The Wider Solihull design team have decades of experience helping businesses successfully rebrand. Our knowledge, process and creative vision ensures that we have the expertise to pivot your business, take your brand in a new direction or refine and evolve it to show confidence in changing times.

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding can involve changing your logo, name, product line, service offering or marketing materials. It can breathe new life into your business resulting in better brand communication, business growth and market position.Considerations for your rebrand…

Identify Your Mission
Assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses – define the problem to be solved.

Embrace Change
Refining, finessing or completely overhauling your company logo and supporting visual assets is a sign of change, evolution, progression and intent.

Communicate Effectively
Your rebrand is a positive statement to employees, business partners, share holders, suppliers and clients. We’ll ensure your rebrand is a message for an innovative future.

Why Rebrand?

A rebranding exercise should be considered if it is solving a problem relating to your business or product offering.Your business may need to:

  • Respond to a shift in the market
  • Reposition or change strategy
  • Align with a merger, takeover or acquisi
  • Align with period of substantial business growth
  • Align with a shift in technology or service offering

New Logo Identity

A new logo design is the bedrock of your rebranding project. At Wider we design strategically; we understand the challenges and considerations that need to be explored to ensure refinements or updates will benefit your brand and support growth.Whether we refine and improve your current logo or redesign a new company logo, our actions are justified, rationalised and considered; we’ll work through the process very closely with you to ensure your rebrand is a success.

  • A new logo design will support your rebrand
  • Strategically position your brand through improved logo identity
  • New imagery, photography and refine colour brand palette

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