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WordPress is the number 1 content management system (CMS) on the Internet today, used by over 27% of websites.

WordPress is a platform that allows you to log in to your website, add and change content and various other website settings. There is no doubt it’s an awesome platform, we love working with it – but in it’s usual form it’s a little basic for the needs of most businesses. It simply doesn’t have the ability to create the engaging sites and advanced layouts seen in the websites we’ve built for our clients.

One of the best things about WordPress is that it is free to use, Open Source software. This means that there are no expensive licensing fees to pay and people from around the world (including our development team) donate their time for free to contribute code to WordPress to make it the very best CMS available.

Expert WordPress Website Development

Almost every agency in the world now offers WordPress development services – aren’t they all doing the same thing? In a nutshell; no! The difference is experience and ability – our digital team have been working with WordPress since 2005 and know how to make it jump through hoops!We create all of our WordPress sites bespoke – to your exact requirements for the very highest performance, ultimate engagement and conversion with your visitors.

Empowering You to Take Control of Your Content

Have you ever felt limited by what you can achieve with your website?

We often hear this from clients who’ve had sites developed on WordPress by other teams. We have our own bespoke code that allows unrivalled content editing – turning WordPress into a web publishing powerhouse, capable of things that are impossible with ‘normal’ WordPress websites – oh – and without our clients needing to know a line of complicated code!

Always Ahead of the Digital Curve

Our team not only contribute to the core of WordPress – but also keep ahead of our competitors by beta testing new versions before they even get released.We also attend and present at national WordPress conferences and are continuously honing our code to ensure our client’s websites use the very best, proven technologies so you can be rest-assured your site loads fast, works seamlessly on any device and ultimately portrays your company to the world in a professional way.

Bespoke WordPress Theme Development

Here at Wider we never use pre-built, off-the-shelf themes – which control the look and feel of your website. We think your organisation deserves better – so we take your project through an extensive creative design process, followed by carefully hand-crafting every single line of code to ensure that your site looks beautiful and unique.This allows us to easily extend your site in the future as your organisation grows and we can heavily optimise the site to load as fast as possible – we understand even a couple of seconds can mean a lost customer.

WordPress Website Maintenance and Security

WordPress is a secure platform if setup correctly with a good web hosting company. Updates get rolled out around 6-10 times a year which are vital to close any security holes spotted, introduce new features and performance improvements. For any business website owner, site security is critical – so we test every update on a development server, roll-out any required code updates and give you complete peace-of-mind knowing that you have experts maintaining your website.

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