Illustration Design

Professional, creative illustrations for more impactful branding and marketing – character-driven illustration with bags of personality.


Some projects require more than great photography and clever copy, they need hand-crafted illustrations, icons, characters and logo motifs.

Bespoke illustration can elevate a design project to a whole new level and create highly memorable marketing campaigns – setting you apart from your competitors with unique images that give character and personality.

Bespoke character illustration design

Character Illustration

Character design, conceptualisation and illustration can be a very effective way to communicate messages and gain attention. We hand-draw and then digitise characters, creatures and motifs to help your business or brand advertise information, services and stories. We illustrate in-house, ensuring our illustrations are strategic to your mission – it could be your character is a person, a robot, an animal or creature; then used throughout your marketing materials from websites to printed materials, clothing or even form part of your overall logo design.

At Wider we develop bespoke characters and situational scenarios, illustrated to communicate via engaging infographics, historical timelines and creative advertising. Drawings and illustrations can be a highly successful way to tell a story or describe a service offering in a personable way that can ‘humanise’ even the most technical of concepts.

Custom illustrations designed for a website

Website Illustration & Iconography

As a passionate creative agency we care about website design and digital projects. We see great value in combining great copy and photography with bespoke illustration and iconography to differentiate your brand, services and products.

Hand-drawn and digitised illustrations can ensure your website design is memorable and engaging to compliment your business traits and messages. Successful, big brands really leverage their style and help reinforce messages across multiple platforms with well placed, branded graphics and illustrations.

Illustration of a horse for a logo motif design

Illustration for Branding & Logo Design

Creative illustration can be a great method to design a logo identity, motif and brand mark. Illustrations can be drawn to communicate visually and can say much more than words. Businesses, brands and organisations that attract attention are more successful and creative illustrations and drawings engage on a very visual level across multiple languages to reinforce your message.

We draw bespoke illustrations to design logos, motifs and marks as part of our design process and branding projects, when custom typography and creative colour palettes just isn’t enough. We’ve developed illustration styles, cartoons and hand-drawn graphics as part of corporate and creative logo designs.

Technical 3D illustration for BMW

Digital Illustration

Our design team can illustrate for technical projects as well as creative – we have an a successful history of illustrating on packaging, advertising and branding briefs and across multiple sectors and markets.We’ve designed creative illustrations as patterns, backgrounds and statements to drive engagement for SaaS, luxury goods, FMCG, automotive, confectionary, retail, cosmetic and healthcare.

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