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The Value of Design to your Business

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Companies that value good design typically gain market share quicker and grow faster. Understanding the importance of design for all aspects of your business will help you understand where you are positioned within your market, how customers perceive your service or product and is one of the primary differentiators between you and your competition.

Design helps your brand, company or organisation look and feel a certain way – whether you’re trying to communicate luxury, budget or environmental, all of this can be achieved through design. The clever use of colour, typography, imagery and layout visually guides the reader or consumer to feel a certain way and emotes perception.


Understanding the rationale behind your marketing, messaging and design has a very important impact on measuring its success, creating impactful communications and shaping future decisions and direction.


The best reason to have good design is to gain attention. This new gained attention should be from your desired audience including employees, clients, consumers or new followers.


Once you’ve acquired attention from your targeted audience the next step is to hold it and engage them. Think about the journey and experience you want your audience to have including the final interaction you desire from them. This is usually a call to action to phone, email, submit an enquiry or make a purchase.

Alternatively this maybe part of a multi-step plan to get them to subscribe to a newsletter, mailing list, sales funnel or follow your social media platforms.

Content Marketing

With digital marketing peaking in 2019 and the trend only moving at a faster pace than previous years, content marketing is the most versatile and cost effective way of communicating to your customer base and future clients. Using design to help position your brand as a leader and innovator and can be achieved through strategic design on social media or printed literature.

Positioning & Credibility

Good design not only helps communicate messages but guides consumers to feel a certain way about your product, service or brand. It’s thought that the website design of a business is the primary factor in determining the credibility of that business due to the way most of us research and review prior to engaging or purchasing with a brand, service or business.

Sales & Customer Acquisition

Design adds credibility by ensuring your business is represented in a professional, creative and engaging approach – this aids in all manner of acquisitions including sales conversion, product purchases and increased brand awareness.

Final Thoughts

Good design should add value faster than it adds cost. To achieve your desired value ensure you consider the above points and have a clear strategy for every design.

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