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Every business in the world is looking to develop new leads for their business, no matter how successful they are. However, often businesses rest on their laurels if they are doing well and new business development can slide down the priority list. It’s often a lull in business that drives new investment in this – but it can take time to come to fruition.

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There’s no time like the present to re-invigorate your marketing and new business development. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ways that creative thinking and great design can help you develop even more leads.

Quality matters

You put a huge amount of resource into your business – from customer service through to the provision and delivery of services. Ensuring that your business works efficiently and offers the highest levels of quality and service is integral to any business – but can the same be said about your marketing materials?

Poor quality, out of date or inconsistent marketing materials don’t just do your business a disservice, but also can give clients the wrong impression of your business and how you operate. This goes way beyond the design – the investment you make in good quality production matters too. Good quality, well designed print items can leave a lasting impression with your clients; websites that are structured well and load quickly can definitely lead to building trust in your business and ultimately further your business development.

Websites – your 24/7 marketing resource

Figures show that more and more people will put trust in a company that has a good quality website. These days, most people will want to take a look at your website – to ensure that your company offerings are credible.

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client and look at your website with fresh eyes. Does your website clearly outline services and benefits of using you over one of your competitors? Is the photography and writing of high quality? Can they find everything they need quickly and easily, including relevant support information? Does your website work well on mobile devices such as tablets and phones?

If you answer no to any of these questions, it’s time to start prioritising investment in your website. We are experts in high conversion website development – we don’t use pre-built ‘one size fits all’ templates – each of our websites are carefully designed and built specifically to communicate to your target audience.

The power of print

Often these days, people get so caught up in websites and digital marketing, they forget that printed materials are still very relevant! There are lots of situations where printed materials can be used very effectively to develop new business.

By its very nature, digital marketing and websites are a fast-paced environment – with people having short attention spans. Do not neglect the influence of the pick-up item at events or the ‘leave behind’ – materials that are left with a prospective client. These can greatly reinforce points made during a meeting – but also ensure that the person doesn’t ‘forget’ your company, or file your business card away never to be looked at again!

What are your competitors doing?

When was the last time you did any competitor analysis in your market segment? It’s important to keep an eye on what competitors are doing; right or wrong a lot can be learned from how your competitors are both presenting themselves in their marketing and how they are developing new business.

Be under no illusion that your competitors are standing still when it comes to marketing and new business development. Larger competitors may even have a dedicated marketing team and lots of resources at their disposal. However, effective marketing is not about the size of your company or how much money or resource you have to invest; it’s more about maximising the resources you have.

Don’t neglect your current clients

Clients often come to us saying that some of their most loyal customers only use them for one or two of their services. Ask yourself this – are your current clients aware of everything you can offer them?

Marketing to existing clients is a powerful way to build loyalty, but also gives a great opportunity to highlight other services that they may not even be aware of. They are quite often the easiest wins – you have already proven the quality of your service offering. Why not further secure your position as a supplier to them and potentially develop even more business with them? You might be surprised how effective this technique can be!

A Trusted Creative Response

At Wider, we want all of our client’s investment to give a healthy return – and we have a proven track record on this based on decades of industry success.

We discuss with you what you want to achieve and then help you formulate a plan to execute this whatever your budget in the very best way possible. You can think of us as your remote marketing department – we are full of bright ideas!

If you’d like to talk through your ideas, get in touch and let’s get creative! Call us on 0121 709 3772 or email

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