5 reasons why you should convert your website to WordPress

We use WordPress to build all of our clients’ websites, either to design a new site from scratch, or to redesign and develop an existing website.

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Many of our clients know us for our WordPress website expertise. We’ve worked with this platform for well over 15 years and profess to be true disciples of it because it offers such great power, flexibility and usability for our clients.

We use WordPress to build all of our clients’ websites, either to design a new site from scratch, or to redesign and develop an existing website. We also use it to power our very own Wider website of-course!
Take a moment to consider this:

If you’re happy with the visual aspect of your website when on the face of it everything looks great, why, then, should you convert it to WordPress?

WordPress has built its reputation as being the worlds most popular content management system thanks to its user-friendly nature and great blogging features. In fact, it has revolutionised the way websites are now designed to such an extent that multi-national giants such as Yahoo, CNN and IBM use it!

Here, we take a look at 5 reasons why WordPress has become so popular and why you should consider switching your business website over to join the millions of people who are taking full advantage of this truly outstanding platform.

1. WordPress is easy to use

WordPress will give you simple publishing capabilities allowing you to add text, images, PDF’s and videos easily. WordPress is a real powerhouse when it comes to publishing content and with the bespoke controls that we build for our clients here at Wider, we know how to give you an even richer, easier to use content editing experience that goes well beyond the normal capabilities of WordPress. You may have struggled a-little in the past with WordPress content editing – our clients enjoy unrivalled content editing controls unlike anything you’ve likely experienced before! No more clunky shortcodes or indeed, code of any sort… just easy to understand and use bespoke controls that we build your for your website.

2. WordPress can be managed anywhere

As long as you have access to the Internet, you can log-in and edit your website anywhere in the world! There is no need to install any software – your entire site is managed through your normal web browsing software like Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

3. WordPress is SEO-friendly

Out of the box, WordPress gives you a reasonable level of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). However, to really get great visibility and great performance, we deploy a number of custom, high level improvements to make your WordPress site index even better in search engines and even stronger when your web pages are shared on social media. Ever wondered why when you post a webpage link to a social media site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn you get a nice preview, and featured image come up automatically? Well, we know exactly how this functionality can be deployed to your website when built on WordPress with our clever extensions we’ve built!

4. WordPress website design is completely customisable

WordPress in itself does not provide you with a website ‘design’ as such – it is a publishing platform that you then code a website design for; these are called ‘themes’. Many WordPress developers will use pre-built themes that they then customise for their clients… which can mean there’s compromises when it comes to creative design and inefficiencies when it comes to code. However, here at Wider we build all of our WordPress themes bespoke – taking them through initial creative design, approval and then onto coding and development. We hand-craft all of our code to be flexible, high performance and most important bespoke to you and your business. We don’t take shortcuts – our sites are carefully designed to maximise appeal to your audience and work at a very high performance level.

5. WordPress is free!

WordPress is released under the GPLv2 (or later) license – in their own words ‘it is both free and priceless’ – so you do not pay a penny to use the WordPress platform. This is in stark contrast to many other Content Management Systems that have license and upgrade fees. The core WordPress platform is completely free to use so can represent a good saving for many organisations locked into costly upgrade cycles with other similar platforms. Be under no illusion that this doesn’t mean it’s not as good – far from it in-fact. WordPress is used by some huge global organisations – and in-fact is the No.1 Content Management System in use on the Internet! The real skill is having the knowledge of this platform to build bespoke designs and content controls that harness all of the publishing powers of WordPress to deliver a truly powerful publishing platform.

Looking for a new website that you have more control over?

We think moving your current site to WordPress is the ultimate solution to improve your digital presence, add value to your business and if managed correctly offer you a healthy return on investment – here at Wider, we can help to make this a reality for you.

We specialise in building bespoke, high performance websites on the WordPress platform. We don’t use out-of-the-box templates, we build and code to purpose for maximum performance and engagement. Our level of expertise allows us to customise the whole editing experience just for you – to make it even easier to add and edit content.

We love WordPress and we hope after reading this article, we’ve converted you too!

Love WordPress - struggle with your existing WordPress site?

We’ve helped a number of clients now that either have old WordPress based websites that no longer meet requirements or have issues with how they work. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk over how we could help. From content consultation, right up-to rebuilding WordPress sites but retaining the original look and feel, the only limit is your imagination; there is literally nothing we can’t achieve with WordPress!

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