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Creative Branding and Strategic WordPress Website Design – Nutrition Provocateur

Nutrition Provocateur is a Solihull based nutritionist with a principal goal to put the ‘sexy’ back into health, lifestyle and food.

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The Brief

What is the Project?

Nutrition Provocateur’s vision was to create a bright, upbeat nutrition and lifestyle blog to impart advice and inspiration to smart women wanting a simplified approach to what has become a too serious and confusing topic – they approached Wider to make that vision a reality.

This project presented us with an exciting and vibrant challenge to shake up, innovate and refresh the way users engage and consume nutritional information through creative branding, strategic design, informative writing and digital publishing.

Discovering the look, feel and tone of the brand through the exploration of photography, typography, visual assets, colour palette and user interface elements.

The challenge

Our Process


We helped Nutrition Provocateur define its visual identity by creating a bespoke, bold logo to position them as a leading author within the field of lifestyle and nutrition.We explored various themes, concepts and ideas for a stand-alone logo symbol but felt that the best solution was the introduction of a sassy motif in the form of a rich, dark cherry within the custom Nutrition Provocateur typographic logo. The health promoting cherry represents the luscious, daring and provocative side of the brand along with a more mature tone of voice to give the brand character and a distinct personality.

The Execution

Our Solution

We built the website on our platform of choice, WordPress, a bespoke content management system to facilitate easy content updates by the client. This was a high priority for our client who is keen to share her recipes, lifestyle articles and other related content quickly and easily. Our main priorities were easy navigation of relevant content and for visitors to come away feeling well-informed and confident that Nutritional Provocateur is the nutritional expert of choice.

We went to task creating a custom built WordPress website offering a simple and logical page structure with clear calls to action to enhance the user experience and in turn, maximise engagement and exploration of content. To ensure this, we created strong relationships between different types of content, a number of custom post types in WordPress to ensure the admin area was easy to work with as the site grew and then deployed some custom taxonomies – some of which operated across all post types, others which were specific to a given post type. This then allowed us to show related, relevant content in a much smarter way to visitors.

In addition to this, we also created a number of custom field data attributes across different post types, the most complex of which was for recipes. A great example of this data being used is for the nutritional content, but also for the different recipe steps and ingredients list. We developed some very bespoke content editing controls for this to make sure that our client was able to quickly and efficiently add content without a single line of complex code!

Naturally, the site features a responsive layout – allowing the site to adapt automatically to different screen sizes and devices according to the users device. This not only provides the visitor with a great experience, but is also an important metric in overall search engine ranking.

To complement the project, we designed social media graphics and a range of other branded assets to ensure the logo, branding, imagery and colour palette were consistent throughout all Nutrition Provocateur’s outreach and marketing.

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