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Professional Logo Design, Branding and WordPress Website Design for Equity

Equity consult and source high calibre horses for clients looking to invest in syndicates or partnerships and also offer an opportunity to purchase a share in a race horse, designed to yield profit.

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The Brief

What is the Project?

To design a logo and brand identity system that would instantly position Equity as a specialist advisory service within the market of horse racing and race horse ownership. The logo design would be initially incorporated within social media, email and business stationery and then rolled out across additional supporting design and marketing assets including a professional brochure and two bespoke websites built for maximum search optimisation, performance and lead generation.

• Strategic Logo Design
• Supporting Brand Assets
• Professional Brochure Design
• Bespoke Website Design
• WordPress Development

The challenge

Our Process

Equity Branding and Logo Design

Our vision for the logo was to have a hand crafted motif that would sit alongside the Equity wordmark to bolster the visual identity and enhance the brand. The Logo Motif and Wordmark Design
We drew a bespoke silhouette of a racehorse to add gravitas and stature to the final logo identity. The motif also visually positioned Equity within the racehorse market giving a clearer message of sector and service. The racehorse motif adds character, charm and exuberance to the identity whilst reinforcing brand traits of serious, agile and accurate.

The Logo Wordmark Design (typographic logo)

A custom, modern typeface — in sharp contrast to the thick and thin strokes, a strong vertical stress, hairline serifs. Professional, trusting and established.

The Concept

The new brand identity was designed with ambitions to help rapidly gain trust and display reliability. It’s a timeless, elegant design, evoking feelings of premium and luxury to help strengthen the Equity name and brand. Professional, trusting and established without being too corporate. The bespoke racehorse motif sits above the custom Equity wordmark. It is a focal point of the identity and can be combined with the typographic mark or possible stand alone on both printed and digital literature.

The Execution

Our Solution

The Brand Colour Palette

The logo wordmark is black which portrays formal, professional traits identifiable not only with the service Equity will provide but that of the clients and investors that Equity will be partnering with.

Gold, White, Black & Dark Blue

Extravagance, wealth, warmth, serious, traditional, bravery, passion, earth, reliability, elegance, security, stability, honesty. Brochure Design

To communicate the new Equity service offering effectively and put the new brand directly into the hands of potential clients, we designed a 210 x 210mm square 16 page brochure. We chose a square format for the brochure – in this instance having it as a square as opposed to portrait or landscape execution, added a more distinct, unique finish and additional charm and character to the final piece. We designed the brochure using the colour palette of black, gold and white. These colours were defined as part of the branding project and carried through to the printed brochure to ensure consistent visual communication and message throughout.

Premium Brochure Design

Good brochure design is a careful balance of interesting visuals, engaging page layout, creative page furniture and professional typography. Our brochure design process is much like our other design service processes and relies on an in-depth understanding of the audience who will read the brochure and the position in which the clients brand or organisation wants to hold within the market. We design brochures for multiple purposes: internal laser printing, commercial professional litho printing, digitally optimised brochures for uploading to your website and digital interactive PDFs that allow the user to navigate through the document in clever and engaging ways. If you need advice or help with your professional brochure design, we’ll talk you through creative options and guide you through the commercial print process.

Website Design

Following the completion of Equity’s new logo design and corporate brochure design we started work on the website design. Our team not only offer full website creative design but also bespoke WordPress website development.

WordPress Content Management System

We went to work building a bespoke WordPress website; a content managed platform that can be edited and administered by Equity themselves. As part of the initial discussion into the rationale of WordPress as a system to base their digital web presence from, we highlighted the benefits of quick, easy editing and high-performance bespoke development for greater Google search optimisation(SEO) and organic page rankings. We used an anthracite background combined with stylised, duotone photography and clear, white and gold typography to create charm, appeal and a more memorable experience for the website visitor.

The new website design needed to be an extension of the brochure design and offer content and information in highly professional and engaging way. We designed page layouts to engage the user and most importantly drive leads and enquiries.

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