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Bespoke WordPress Website Design for leading US Immigration Law Firm – Davies Legal

High-performance WordPress website designed strategically for better organic Google SEO and lead conversion.

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The Brief

What is the Project?

Davies Legal offer US immigration support to those looking to live or work in the United States, this includes immigrant visas, non-immigrant visas and waivers. Davies Legal approached us to re-design and re-build their website with focal objectives centred around creating a better digital brand perception, using new technologies, improved organic Google search optimisation and enhanced user experience.

The challenge

Our Process

Our project began by strategically exploring the problems and challenges that users have when immigrating to the US – how will they search for a visa if they don’t know what visa they require? There are over 12 different visas that fall into 3 master categories with 3 further sub-categories. We needed to explore search queries and rationalise down content into a structure that could be extended by the client and also more importantly be found and consumed by web visitors. We also needed to create a hierarchy of visa services that would be easily navigated by users whilst converting them into qualifying leads at the same time. Once we defined the hierarchy and structure we started visualising and critiquing design elements and page layouts to ensure new visitors could explore the website from visa landing pages through to news articles and still encourage lead enquiries and form submissions to capture data.

The Execution

Our Solution

Custom WordPress Development

At Wider we develop custom WordPress websites built for performance and engagement. Our clients receive a website platform that can be extended in the future along with content curation features to spin up new landing pages or news posts via simple steps. Our website design and build for Davies Legal was no exception; we developed controls for easy website content management along with functionality to allow new pages to be populated and dynamically built into specific sections of the website. The website is mobile friendly and designed to be fully responsive. The new website adapts to tablet, desktop or smartphone ensuring it is user friendly and easy to navigate whatever the device.

SEO Google Optimisation

One of the goals of the new website design was to improve ranking on organic Google search for very competitive visa and immigration search terms. Our custom WordPress websites allow the user to execute active content marketing strategies that start with new pages and articles and then link to these from AdWords, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Google AdWords

As an experienced digital design team, we developed options for creating engaging and attractive landing pages aimed at generating leads and converting visitors to new customers. The landing pages were strategically designed to answer the end-users questions and validate the Davies Legal service offering through informative, easy to understand layout and structure. We designed the website to ensure visitors from Google Adwords would find important, accurate and interesting content, supported by a well structured and designed website to position Davies Legal as market leaders and ensure the end-user has all the confidence and resources required to make an enquiry and get in touch.

I’d recommend James and the Wider team for any organisation looking to grow their business through improved, strategic design. I’m so happy with the projects they’ve completed and my new website’s search optimisation and enquiries have improved significantly since launch.

Kaitlin Davies, Director & US Immigration Attorney

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