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Logo Design and Custom WordPress Website for Aurora Telecom.

Aurora Telecom is a leading value telephone and broadband provider aimed at the B2B sector.

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The Brief

What is the Project?

With aspirations to become a market leader in their field, Aurora approached us to create a modern brand identity to help position them as a unique, forward thinking telecoms supplier. The key aim was develop a vibrant logo and marketing materials to reflect the company brand values, clarity and simplicity.

The challenge

Our Process

Balancing imagery, graphics and colourways to give Aurora a distinctive style that looks great and accomplishes business objectives.

The Execution

Our Solution

We commenced the project by creating a logo based on the idea of merging the ‘A’ in the company name with the natural swirls and curves of the Northern Lights. This became the focal point of the identity which could then be combined with the Aurora Telecoms word mark or stand alone.

Curvy, Rounded Features with a Dynamic edge
The rounded corners suggest the brand is corporate and modern yet approachable and transparent.

The ‘A’ motif is dynamic and fresh yet simple like the company brand values. It also echoes an upward arrowhead, traits of which are serious, fast and accurate.

The Wordmark
The wordmark, ‘Aurora Telecoms’ is lowercase which adds character and charm; this contrasts nicely with the uppercase ‘A’ to complete the corporate identity.

Colour Palette
Inspired by the Northern Lights we worked on a colour palette with echoes of sophistication. The wordmark is in black which shows a formal, corporate side and contrasts well against the motif.

Wider have been a dream to work with. From the very beginning, right up to launch we have had constant support, inspiration and ideas. They designed new innovative concepts and nothing is ever too much for them. From logo to packaging to website, not only will they deliver but they are not shy to question your ideas to create even better results!

Jenny Welch - Credico UK /Aurora Telecom

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